Radical Prostatectomy

Radical Prostatectomy Recovery

Radical ProstatectomyRadical prostatectomy recovery can vary, depending on the procedure you had done, your age, and your overall health before surgery. It may also depend on how much tissue had to be removed during surgery. Your radical prostatectomy recovery period begins in the hospital where nurses and doctors will monitor your incision and your ability to urinate and drink fluids.

Radical prostatectomy recovery could range from a 2 -5 day hospital stay, depending on the technique used to remove your prostate. Patients who have undergone an open prostatectomy need a longer hospital stay than those who have received a laparoscopic or da Vinci prostatectomy. The reason is because an open radical prostatectomy is more invasive with more cutting, suturing, and bleeding. Da Vinci prostatectomy recovery and laparoscopic prostatectomy recovery are faster because they are less invasive techniques that only require making tiny incisions during surgery.

During your prostate removal recovery period, you could feel pain and discomfort for a day after the procedure. Our doctors can prescribe medicine to relieve the pain. You will also take some antibiotics during your prostate removal surgery recovery as a precautionary method to prevent infection. Another possible side effect during the radical prostatectomy recovery period is urinary incontinence, or the inability to urinate. During surgery our doctors will need to cut the urethra and connect it back to the bladder. This redirects your urinary flow and takes some time to adjust to. As a result, our doctors will insert a catheter into your urethra to assist with urinating. This should remain until you are able to urinate on your own.

Patients might experience erection problems after a radical prostatectomy. The nerves that control erectile functioning are located next to the prostate gland. The nerves may get damaged or removed during the surgery, though some techniques, such as the da Vinci prostatectomy, are better able to spare the nerves. The ability to have an erection also depends on your condition prior to surgery as well as your age. Our doctors may prescribe some medication to assist with erectile function, though most men regain their ability to have erections after surgery.

Radical prostatectomy recovery that is minimal and comfortable is our top priority. At Urology Specialists we have the best radical prostatectomy surgeons who are trained and experienced in the latest techniques to give you the most effective results. They are some of the best US surgeons who focus on nerve sparing with each procedure. Whether you are going through prostate cancer surgery recovery, enlarged prostate surgery recovery, or advanced prostate cancer surgery recovery, our expert radical prostatectomy Florida surgeons and staff are here to help you every step of the way.


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Radical Prostatectomy
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